SAFE Scholarships (named after "SAFE" PREMIER THERAPY CLINIC OF UKRAINE CHARITABLE FOUNDATION) are awarded to ten thousand (10,000) Ukrainian children to receive post-traumatic stress disorder therapy treatments.

Aslan Scholarships (named after Mikail Iskandar Aslan) are awarded to five (5) children diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Holz Scholarships (named after Dr. Carl W. and Rebecca J. Holz) are awarded to five (5) combat wounded veterans.

Simes Scholarships (named after Roy and Olena Simes) are awarded to five (5) Ukrainian children that are learning a vocational skill necessary to earn an income within the metaverse.

Bezborodko Scholarship (named after Iryna Bezborodko) is awarded to one (1) Ukrainian girl to receive 250 hours of online therapy treatments related to Autism.  


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